Digital print labels

Digital print labels shorten the time-to-launch


Digital print labels on rolls or sheets shorten the production time at lower costs, because the printing plates are not needed and the preparation times are substantially lower. Directly from digital printing data we'll print your labels. Multicoloured image printing is also possible as well as continuously numbered labels, barcodes, 1D- or 2D codes resp. QR codes for personalized or serialized labels. Upon request we will also varnish or laminate your labels to improve the weather- and abrasion resistance.


The application areas of adhesive paper and materials and non-adhesive materials ranges from paper Vellum, M-cote, colourful, silver and gold through OPP, PE, polyester to many more.


Rectangular, round, oval as well as contour punched forms are possible. The maximum printing area is around 30X150cm, which also enables the production of large formatted one- or two-sided POS-labels.


Selfix digital print labels stand out through their high colour fastness and high opacity of the UV-Inkjet colours for an extraordinarily sharp and memorable impression


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Cosmetics labels on clear-to-clear materials


Selfix digital print labels are ideal for cosmetics products. We don't refer to our UV-Inkjet printers as "digital screen printers" for nothing. The similarities are astonishing. Thanks to the 7-colour configuration incl. white, purple and orange we can underlay entire areas white and print almost the entire spot colour spectrum digitally. Additionally, we print so-called gold emulation, which comes very close to a metalized gold foil.

Impressive product labels



UV-Inkjet printing is also referred to as "digital screen printing" due to the high opacity of the printing colours.

We ennoble the already noble


Drink labels - also personalized


Shampoo labels

Gold simulation


7-colour UV-Inkjet printer

Print width 330mm for medium prints

High printing speed for economic labels.

The best of digital printing 

Print colours CMYK, white, purple and orange

High performance UV-ink


The TAU high performance UV-ink stands out due to its greater colour spectrum. Up to 70% of the Pantone colour scale can be covered with four process colours and even 90% with 6 process colours. Also for white colour the TAU UV-ink in single pass mode delivers exceptional results. The TAU UV-inks are light resistant, scratch proof and resistant to chemical influences. For these reasons they are incredibly suited for outdoor applications as well as industrial- and security signage. The TAU UV-inks are UL certified and contain 3M high performance label substrates (UL File: MH18072 - Category: PGJI2 (UL), PGJI8 (cUL)UL File: MH18072). Accordingly flexible the TAU UV-inks can be printed on a multitude of materials and surfaces.


Low migration UV-Inkjet ink for primary food packaging


95% of all food that enters the market is packaged.

In recent years the portion of primary packaging has risen considerably. Due to this direct packaging the food comes in contact with the non-printed inner side of the packaging. Here there exists danger of contamination, for example through the migration of substances through the packaging into the food. That’s why the TAU 330 can now be equipped with low migration UV-Inkjet ink from Sunjet to print onto primary food packaging. The chemical composition of the TAU low migration ink fulfills all guidelines of the European printing ink association (EUPIA) and the swiss ordinance regarding materials and articles. The TAU low migration ink contains none of the substances which are explicitly excluded through the Nestlé packaging inks specification. With this ink TAU 330 extends its spectrum to Mono-foils for blister packaging, yoghurt lids and many more applications.