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From humble beginnings Selfix developed to a modern and powerful label converting company

Selfix and its services


Selfix AG is an independent, owner-managed Swiss label printer specializing in the production of self-adhesive labels, labels and special labels. Selfix was founded in 1949 and today employs 45 staff. Selfix has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of innovative label and self-adhesive label solutions, serving all sectors of the economy such as commerce and industry, logistics, public administrations, hospitals, industry, food manufacturers, cosmetics, etc.


In-house production

Nine printing machines are available for your orders. We work competently and reliably in book printing, flex printing, screen printing, offset printing and digital printing, from zero to eight colours. The labels can be inline finished with foil embossing, relief embossing or laminates. As a medium-sized SME, we are flexible and swift in our implementation. For our customers, we are solution providers with extensive and long-standing know-how. For us, our customers are partners with whom we plan long-term cooperation. Our innovations accompany us all the way. We are always striving to make your supply chain more efficient with our products.



Selfix AG processes a variety of materials, such as paper, PE, PP, PET, special composites, as well as gold and silver materials made of paper and plastic. As a complete supplier in the label industry, Selfix AG has dedicated itself to constant and continuous innovation: New products such as booklets, resealable labels, printed foils, 3D labels, security labels and first-opening-warranty labels, as well as labels with blind typeface or with glitter effects are constantly expanding the limits of what is feasible and desirable for the benefit of our customers.



Speed, flexibility and proximity to the customer are some of the core competences of Selfix AG. She puts these into practice in a customer-oriented manner, combining implementation and conceptual expertise with many years of technological know-how. She is in a position to advise her clients comprehensively and to accompany them in the optimal implementation. Thanks to its many years of experience and its qualified staff, Selfix AG understands the needs and requirements of labels and adhesives. The cooperation with Swiss and foreign manufacturers completes the picture for a balanced product mix.



45 employees, 9 printing machines, 10 inspection machines, 8,000 existing punching tools, 180 different self-adhesive composites, more than 2 million m2 of raw material consumption per year. Through a heat recovery system in the machine park, Selfix AG meets the demand for environmentally friendly production. Selfix AG serves more than 1500 customers from different markets, such as food, logistics, public administration, wholesale and retail, electronics, hospital, import/export, industry and commerce, etc.



Selfix AG is certified with the quality management system. Thus, consistent quality, customer focus and continuous improvement – to name but a few – guaranteed.




Selfix AG is a member of the International Association of Label Manufacturers (FINAT) and of the Association (VsKE). This guarantees contact with the industry and enables know-how transfer and constant innovation.





With great dismay and deep sadness we say goodbye to our CEO and father of today's Selfix, Kurt Fischer. He died at the age of 73 after a serious illness. With the departure of Kurt Fischer, we lose the pioneer and founding father of Selfix in its current form. Kurt Fischer converted Selfix from a small trading company with adhesive tapes to a high-performance label convertor. His entrepreneurial foresight and commitment shaped Selfix.



Purchase and commissioning of modern and efficient label punching machine for blank labels.

70 years of Selfix.



Introduction of modern MIS with extensive planning and control functions to increase holistic operational performance.



Purchase of first rolls/A4 flexographic press for rolls and sheets. Acquisition of the Durst TAU 330HD high-performance digital printing system with the latest technology from 7 low-migration UV inks. Purchase of the high-performance rewinder VECTRA.



65 years of Selfix.



Repurchase of the company Selfix AG. Management Mr. K. Fischer.



Purchase of the Digital UV Inkjet Label Printing Machine: TAU 150 8C Digital UV Inkjet for individualized solutions for digitally printed self-adhesive labels.



Change in management.



Construction of the modern commercial purpose-built building with a high-bay warehouse in Zurich-Otelfingen and relocation of the company.



Sale of Selfix AG with consistent management.



ISO 9001-Certification.



Expansion of production with multicolour rotary printing machines.



Relocation of production of Selfix AG also to Zurich-Oerlikon.



Relocation of the offices of Selfix AG from Baar/ZG to Zurich-Oerlikon.



Opening of Branch in Thônex/GE



Sale of the file edging production and focus on label production.



Purchase of the company by Kurt and Christine Fischer.



Purchased the first label press and started manufacturing Selfix labels.


1968 bis 1970

In the early and mid-1970s, Mrs. Christine and Mr. Kurt Fischer joined Selfix AG. They realised that labels have a future, and at that time began to establish themselves in the label market.



Founded as Selfix Hermann & Co. Originally, filing tapes made of synthetic leather for notaries and courts were produced.

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High-bay warehouse

Precision manufacturing

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Membership VSKE

Membership FINAT

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ISO 9001:2015


Zertifikate 2020

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