Labelstock for all types of application

Labelstock paper white

White (paper uncoated, satin) permanently adhesive, removable, opaque
M-Cote (paper semi-gloss coated) permanently adhesive, removable, frozen
White gloss (glossy paper) permanently adhesive, removable, opaque
Pharma 60 (white paper), permanent
Thermo Eco (Thermo Eco Paper), permanent, removable
Thermo Top (Thermo Top Paper), permanent, removable, frozen
Opaque painted white (opaque white painted), permanent
Opaque white gloss (opaque white gloss), permanent
Paper white grip (paper coated white latex impregnated), permanent
Paper white Solublefix (paper white Solublexfix), permanent
Paper kraft brown (paper Natural Wood), permanent

Labelstock thermal transfer

Write white (paper uncoated, satin), permanent, removable, opaque
M-Cote (paper coated), permanent, removable, frozen, extra strong
White gloss (glossy paper), permanent, removable, opaque
Polyester silver (polyester silver matt), permanent
Polyester white (polyester white matt), permanent
Data-PE (Data PE white matt), strongly adhesive
PE foil white gloss (PE foil white gloss), permanent
PET film PT white (PET film white -80° to + 180 °C “ – TRANSF PET PT white), very adhesive
PP-foil white gloss 60 (PP-foil white gloss), permanent
PP film transparent (PP film transparently clear), permanent
Silk white (silk white semi-gloss), strongly adhesive
Paper Doubletac/Duplex (paper white), 2 x permanent
Paper silver gloss (paper silver gloss), permanent
Thermoscript silver matt (polyester silver matt 20 my), permanent
PP Top white (PP Foil white foamed), strongly adhesive
Primax white (Primax white top), removable
Primax PO white (Primax PO white), permanent
Transfer Super Plus (painted white), removable
Paper white Solublefix (paper white Solublexfix), permanent
Tyvek 75 (Tyvek 75), permanent
PVC film white gloss (PVC film white gloss), permanent
Palettfix PVC film white gloss (Palettfix PVC film white gloss), strong adhesion
OPP white gloss (OPP white gloss), strong adhesion
PVC Safety Film white destructible (PVC Safety Film white destructible 50 my), permanent

Labelstock thermal direct

Thermo Eco white (paper Thermo Eco), permanent, removable
Thermo Top white (paper Thermo Top), permanent, removable, frozen
PP Thermo Top white (PP Thermo Top), permanent, removable
Synthermal (PP transparent Thermo Top), permanent

Labelstock couloured

Paper yellow (yellow satin paper), permanent
Paper orange (orange paper satin), permanent
Paper red (red satin paper), permanent
Paper green (green paper satin), permanent
Paper fluor yellow (bright yellow paper satin), permanent
Paper fluor orange (bright orange paper), permanent
Paper fluor red (bright red paper), permanent
Paper fluor green (bright green paper satin), permanent
Paper fluor magenta (bright magenta paper satin), permanent

Labelstock metallic

Paper matt silver (matt silver paper), permanent, removable
Paper gloss silver (gloss silver paper), permanent, removable
Paper matt gold (matt gold paper), permanent, removable
Paper gloss gold (gloss gold paper), permanent

Labelstock inkjet

Paper white mat (inkjet paper white mat), permanent, removable

Paper white mat 100 (inkjet paper white mat 100), permanent

Paper white gloss (inkjet paper white gloss), permanent, extra permanent, removable

PP white mat (PP inkjet white mat), permanent

PO white mat (PO inkjet white mat), permanent

Papier white mat doubletac/duplex (paper white mat), 2 x permanent

PP white mat BS5609 (PP white mat BS5609), extra permanent

Paper white mat opaque (inkjet paper white mat opacque), permanent

Non-adhesive materials

Composite foil white 80/36/80 (composite foil 80/36/80 white)
Thermal cardboard 150 g/m2 white (thermal cardboard 150 g/m2), thermo-coated on one side
Thermal transfer cardboard white 200 g/m2 (thermal transfer cardboard FSC 165 my/200 g/m2 matt coated on both sides), printable double face
Thermal transfer cardboard white 240 g/m2 (thermal transfer cardboard 240g/m2 matt coated on both sides), printable on both sides
Polyart white (polyart white, both sides coated 175 my HDPE), printable on both sides
Robuskin PVC white (Robuskin PVC white 200 my), printable on both sides

Labelstock for laser printer

Paper white laser (white laser paper, power carrier), permanent, removable
Polylaser white matt (Polylaser white matt), permanent
Doubletac jet laser white (Doubletac jet laser white), permanent


Thermal transfer laminate transparent glossy (TT laminate transparent glossy)

Thermal transfer laminate transparent matt (TTss laminate transparent matt)

Inkjet laminate PP transparent glossy (Inkjet laminate PP transparent glossy)