Booklets are self adhesive labels that carry a fan folded booklet on their backs. These booklets are made of paper, partially laminated, whereas the base label is made of a synthetic material. The form of the label is variable, often rectangular or circular. The different types of booklets differ from each other in the way they are closed: they can be made resealable by using a special adhesive or they can be perforated to be severed upon being opened.


Selfix booklets are in the truest sense of the word versatile and are true space savers for all kinds of things such as usage notes or warning notices. With up to 30 pages they offer plenty of space for convincing product information and attractive sales ideas. And yet they don't require more space than any regular adhesive label.







Multilabels consist of two or three overlapping layers. For the same label size these labels offer three times or five times as much room for text and images. Multi labels are massive space savers, are resealable, can easily be opened with an adhesive neutralizing latch and are printable using thermotransfer printing. Multilabels are a cost-efficient alternative to booklets for food, marketing and chemistry.