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Couponing (= Discount- or collectable sticker) is a method of sales promotion within the marketing mix and aims for extra sales and customer loyalty. The classical example of couponing is the discount sticker with the sticker booklet. Depending on the type of promotion and the level of purchases a certain amount of coupons are given out, which lead to cheaper purchases after a certain number.


Couponing exists since the 19. century and is used for increasing revenue, strengthening customer loyalty and for extra sales.


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At Selfix you will find discount coupons, coupons for voucher booklets, bundling coupons, info coupons and loyalty coupons. The selection ranges from simple paper coupons with one or multicolour print all the way to numbered or coded coupons made from safety foil or with safety perforations and special lamination.


Selfix coupons are available on rolls in handy cardboard dispensers, on sheets or single.

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