Product labels

Increase your sales with Selfix product labels


Attractive labels enhance products and turn them into something special. That’s why we print and press ambitious product labels with outstanding care and caution so that you can immediately create a good first impression and entice people to purchase your products.


First rate materials such as coated paper, PE or PP and more from leading producers like AVERY, HERMA, UPM RAFLATAC and more make sure of frictionless manufacturing of label dispensers and great printability for thermal transfer printing (number, expiry date) and high opacity of the colours. For the application on secondary packaging in the food industry we use food safe adhesives and food safe colours.


The choice of the adhesive depends on the application and ranges from permanently adherent through strongly adhesive to easily removeable or deep-freeze.


With the most modern analog- or digital printing and punching machines we print labels with up to eight colours. Both front- and/or backside printing, lamination or varnishing, hot stamping and partially adhesive implementations for resealable labels are possible.

For economic reasons we usually print bigger runs on eight-colour rotary book printing machines, while we print smaller and medium sized runs with changing types digitally. "Private labels" are also possible as well as variable barcodes (QR codes) and personalized labels.


Choose from a multitude of the 8000 cutting dies (rectangular, round oval). Special sizes and contour punching are both possible. For combined double labels you will also receive special editions where the front- and backside labels are alternatively on the roll.

8-colour rotary book printing press

7-Colour UV-Inkjet printer for exclusive labels.

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Digital print labels impress with their haptic optics and increase the sales of your products.

At Selfix you will find labels for cool and moist surfaces.

Elaborate labels with haptics, which means a structured surface material, resp. metallic tones or hot stamp are one of Selfix' specialities.

For the labelling of fresh meat products with the use of weigh-and-print systems thermal direct labels with or without pre-print are ideal.

For the labelling of convenience food digital print labels, produced with low-migration ink, are highly suitable.

The best way for you to label pastries is with thermal direct labels. These can be retroactively printed with variable data.

High quality foods demand high quality labels. We will enrich your products with exquisite and impressive labels