Label solutions

At Selfix you will find smart and clever label solutions.


Gold simulation

By using state-of-the art UV inkjet printing we realize gold and metallic simulation by using semi-transparent ink on silver composite. This makes hot stamp printing oblivious and offers a lot more flexibility.

A4 laser printer labels

Simplify your office life with Selfix a4 labels for laser printers, copiers and inkjet printers.

Digital printing

Digital printing labels on rolls or sheets shorten the production times at lower costs because the printing plates are eliminated and set-up times are significantly lower.

Continuous rolls

Continuous rolls self-adhesive or non-adhesive for thermal or color inkjet printers are the ideal solution for hang tabs, tags, stock labels, stock cards, web stamps and much more.


Inkjet labels

With Selfix inkjet labels, your own printed color labels look like they are printed.

Cryogenic labels

Cryogenic labels are cold-resistant up to -196 degrees Celsius.

Fan-folded pin-feed labels

Pin-feed labels for all standard dot matrix printers, single and multi-lane in various materials, papers, plastic or cardboard, fan-folded or on roll.

Selfix Palettfix

With Selfix-Palettfix labels, you can even stick rough surfaces like wood and concrete with ease.

Syringe labels

Our syringe labels can be printed with color label printers.

Thermal labels

First-class composites and precise production ensure perfect processing on all printing systems and minimum wear on the print head.

Selfix Extreme

These products are created for extremely high demands.


This material consists of a completely water-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive and a label paper, which dissolves in fine, neutral particles in cold, neutral water.

Selfix Doming

Doming labels are trendy and ennoble and increase the value of products and giveaways. They attract attention and are far more than just an eye-catcher, they also feel that way.

Inkjet piggyback

This new piggyback labelstock made of matt inkjet paper allows photo-realistic print as well as bar and QR codes with inkjet label printers with "dye" and pigment ink.

Selfix synthermal

Maximum transparency and excellent printing of variable data.

Thermal transfer labels

Most Selfix materials can be individually coded and printed thanks to the flexibility of thermal transfer printing.

Selfix barcode labels

Selfix barcode labels - security and reliability in barcoding 

Selfix deep-freeze labels

Our deep-freeze labels adhere at temperatures >-25°C and are therefore the ideal solution for deep-freeze logistics.

Selfix beer labels – impressive labels for increased sales results

Beer labels are printed on metallic or white papers on our digital printing machine.

Selfix neck labels - branding and lot number made easy

Selfix neck labels simplify “branding” and variable data printing.

Selfix SSCC – flexible solutions on the safe side

SSCC labels are available from us on rolls and sheets in A4, A5 or according to your specifications.

Selfix silk labels – visitor labelling made easy

With Selfix silk labels you label visitors of events, congresses and meetings simply and quickly.

Selfix blackmark: The flexible label for label printers and scales

Selfix thermal labels with blackmark are the right solution for die-cut and round labels.

Football decals – Selfix prints “digital”

Selfix UV inkjet printing enables top-quality self-adhesive labels and decals. UV inkjet printing is often referred to as “digital screen printing” because of the high opacity of the printing inks and the colour depth.

Kraft paper brown –cool labels with great haptics in a retro look

With the new 90 g/m2, unbleached, biodegradable and compostable kraft paper with impressive haptics you achieve a retro look for printed and unprinted self-adhesive labels.

Sauce labels – when optics and taste matter

We prefer to print sauce or dip sauce labels using UV inkjet printing in combination with the white gloss polypropylene material and its pearlescent appearance. This allows labels to be printed with astonishing brilliance and colour fastness.

Print on demand - more flexibility and simplified logistics

Print on demand is the modern solution for printing product, food and other labels in colour. Colour ink jet printing makes this possible.

Smileys – self-adhesive advertising sticks longer.

Self-adhesive advertising sticks longer and is thus able to reach your intended advertising audience day after day. We will create your advertising labels using a combination of removable PP materials and UV inkjet printing.

Labels for desktop printers – more flexibility and high reliability

Desktop label printers perform important tasks in the information flow. With Selfix labels for desktop printers you extend the flexibility.

Selfix box labels – individual labelling made easy

Selfix box labels give you maximum flexibility when it comes to labelling packaging individually.

Selfix cheese fondue labels

The ideal choice for small to medium runs of food labels: digital printing.

Address stickers

Selfix address stickers on rolls offer you utmost flexibility when it comes to labelling letters, boxes and other forms of packaging.

Container labels

With Selfix UV inkjet labels (= digital silk screen printing) you achieve impressive haptics and a competitive edge.

Seiko compatible labels

Selfix produces standard Seiko-compatible labels and bespoke labels such as removable, preprinted etc.

Scale labels

Selfix produces Scale labels in both standardized styles and special styles such as removable adhesive, deep freeze adhesive, with pre-print, etc.

Dymo compatible Labels

Selfix produces Dymo compatible labels in standard and special variants such as removable adhesives, with pre-print, etc.

Selfix control marks

Make keeping track of service intervals and inspections easier with Selfix control marks.

Selfix fee stamps

Selfix fee stamps and garbage stamps guarantee safety and reliability in one.

Self adhesive travel agency labels

Self-adhesive Selfix travel agency labels are ideal for pamphlets, travel guides and other travel documents.

Parking vignettes one- or two-sided

Keep track of your parking lots with Selfix parking vignettes.

Jam and Jelly labels

Give your home specialties that special something with Selfix labels.

Selfix price labels with barcode

Security and reliability with Selfix price labels

Selfix sale labels

Selfix labels will gain the attention of your customers and lead to a more profitable sale for you.

Selfix 3-in-1 self adhesive labels

More room for text and images in a small area. Ideal for promotions.

Selfix kiss-cut Inkjet labels

Selfix kiss-cut Inkjet labels are ideal for the EPSON C3500 colour label printer.

NiceLabel labelling software

The ultimate labelling software solution

Printing qr codes

NiceLabel Automation simplifies the printing of 2d codes.

Wine labels readable on both sides

Double-sided wine labels open up new perspectives.

removable laser labels

Laser labels are also available in removable variations.

Selfix Warehouse labels - adhesive/non-adhesive

Selfix warehouse labels bring order and a better overview into your warehouses.

Selfix colour printer solutions

Print coloured labels on your own.

Selfix label dispensers

Save time during the labelling process.

Selfix beer labels

Form-cut and alternating beer labels

Disinfectant labels

Disinfectant labels printed using 1A digital printing: fast, reliable and alcohol resistant.